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Wholesale Information for Pollika Partners

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Welcome Pollika Partners! 
As of January 2014 Pollika sells exclusively to our wholesale partners.

Returning customers:
We have opened a new Online Wholesale Store 
Just wait until you see the improvements and new information we have included to inspire your product purchase experience with us!

You will need to Create a new account to gain access to this new store.
 It is a one time requirement - once activated you then simply use our "Quick Log In" for your return visits. Please take a moment to complete the fields below and "Submit Registration". Note: In the "How did you hear about us?" field, please enter "Existing Partner".

Your registration will be accepted within 6 hours. If you need to place your order straight away, please call us during regular business hours on 778-737-9999 or toll-free 1844-737-0099 and we will be happy to help!

To our new partners:
To gain access to our wholesale store, you must first register with us. 
Please fill in the registration form to create your account and "Submit Registration". Once your account has been approved, you then simply use our "Quick Log In" for your visits.

We look forward to welcoming you as a one of our Pollika Partners!

Any questions please call us at 778-737-9999or toll free 1844 373 0099

Our head office is Vancouver BC Canada. Online purchases are in USD. Prefer CAD? 
No problem. Call in or email your order: info@pollika.com.
In either currency our US partners do not incur any extra customs/duty charges - Pollika takes care of this for you!

We hope to rekindle your imagination!

PS: Download the following resources to enhance your shopping experience:

View De Witte Engel Catalog online 

Download De Witte Engel 100% Wool TrueFelt color card

Download De Witte Engel 100% Wool Felt Balls color card

Download De Witte Engel 80% Wool 20% Viscose FrescoFelt color card